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__Publication Trail Dry Dock Island, 2015
folded paper
size: 29,7 x 42 cm

Seven stops on a walk through Dry Dock Island.
Compilation of facts and observations.

__Publication Genius Loci, published 2012
Annemieke Fanoy, Marcel Kentin, Marjolein van Pagee

xt: Lorenzo Benedetti and Harmen Eijzenga
editorial: Simon Blaas
graphic design: Louis Lüthi
photography: Leo van Kampen, Conny Beneden, Annemieke Fanoy
webshop vleeshal
_Multiple Looking at wood, 2014

material: oil on fabric
size: 40 x 26,5 cm
edition of 7 signed and numbered pieces + 1 AP
Publication buildingplan caravan Atelier Trailer, 2007

with Nanda Runge––-–
Do-it-yourself poster
photography: Ivo Wennekes




__Bouquet, 2010

cahier 21,1 x 27,5 cm
short story: Rees Aveling
offset: Veenman drukker
graphic design: Eva Krause
aphy: Ivo Wennekes
ion, text and concept: Annemieke Fanoy


__Multiple, Seaweed, 2008
material: aluminium
edition: 8

size: 11 x 15 cm
__ handbound book about my work, 2007

inding: Sylvia Rietbergen
photography: Ivo Wennekes
phy: Phoenix boekbinderij
edition: 5
sold out
__Publication: Work, 2004

title: work
production CATO
cover: Eva Krause
sold out